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     Established in 2002, Shenzhen Santech Display Co., Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise, specializing in LCD & LCM research&developing, production&supply. In addition to our vast standard character and graphic LCD Module offerings, we develop custom designs for all industries.
    The company has it is own patent technologies and products,one or them is the Reversed PDLC display,which with the highest tranmittance in the world(more than 90%)has been widely used in optical instruments,like rangefinders,binocular telescopes,etc. 
    We pride ourselves in supplying innovative products, providing excellent and prompt solutions to our customers with introduction of advanced LCD technology and techniques from Japan.Now, our FS LCD (Field Sequential Liquid Crystal Display) technology has obtained many patents in domestic and oversea countries.

Main Products: TN, HTN,STN,FSTN, FSC, PDLC LCD & LCD Modules

LCD Display, LCD Module, LCD Panel Professional Manufacturer
Tel: 86-755-28172887 / 28172893 Fax: 86-755-28172873 / 28172993 E-mail: lcd@santechdisplay.com
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